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Top ten things you can do NOW!

Remind yourself the fight is not over - the battle to Save our Hospitals has just begun!

Write to Jeremy Hunt and tell him you think the decision made on 19th February 2103 was wrong. Write to Hammersmith & Fulham Council and encourage them to pursue this as their "top priority" as promised in their manifesto for 22nd May 2014 local elections.

STOP PRESS - 17th May 2014: Some residents in Fulham Reach received today a NEW leaflet about the statement by the Prime Minister to "GetWestLondon" during his visit on 15th May 2014 that "Charing Cross Hospital will retain its A&E and services". ONCE AGAIN this SIMPLY ISN'T TRUE. The Administration in Hammersmith is engaging the authority of our Prime Minister to repeat falsehoods.

You may have received a leaflet from the Council claiming that Charing Cross Has been "saved".

Please don't believe this - it is simply NOT TRUE. Charing Cross will still be demolished; There will be no A&E; and there will be no acute services whatsoever. All 500 beds will go - to be replaced by a maximum of 60 GP-referral beds. Most of the land will be sold off and a clinic built on the remaining site.

The council spent thousands of pounds of council tax money printing and distributing a leaflet with false claims to have saved the Hospital - fooling many people into thinking a rescue package had been agreed. We take no pleasure in telling you that is false. The proposal voted through on 19th February 2013 is the one we have been fighting since June 2012 and will continue to oppose. Read more in this newspaper article.

Who are we?

Save Our Hospitals is a resident-led campaign group formed in July 2012 to fight the proposed closure of A&Es  at Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Ealing and Central Middlesex Hospitals.

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