Save Hammersmith and Charing Cross Committee Meeting


7.00pm, Wednesday 16th January 2013



Vivienne Lukey (Chair), Andy Slaughter, Graham Hodgin, Anabela Hardwick, Joachim Stjern, Jasmine Daines Pilgrem, Dr Tamara Dragadze, Helen Aldridge, Mark Honigsbaum, Astrid Wilson, Anne Drinkell.



Carlo Nero, Les Aldridge, Desiree Cranenburgh, Annette Chambers, Jonathan Hextall, Alan Aitken, Josephine Lundberg, James Doheny, John Dawson, John Grigg, Dede Wilson.


1.       Matters arising from the minutes of meeting on 12th December 2012.  It was noted that research into non-blue light travel times was needed to counter lack of research done in this area by the NHS Trust.  Jasmine Pilgrem and possibly Josephine Lundberg would continue to try to produce a plan of journeys and times which could be tested as soon as possible.    


2.       Vivienne Lukey reported on the Defend London’s NHS meeting held 9th January at Camden Town Hall, chaired by Keep Our NHS Public and attended by several SOH committee members.   It was a constructive meeting with general agreement that all the groups would support each other at their individual demonstrations being planned prior to Jeremy Hunt’s decisions about A&E closures.  Lewisham being the first on 26th January.


It was further agreed that a joint week of action from 9th – 16th February would be announced with a press conference to be held at the House of Commons on 11th February.

John Dawson to be asked to book the Jubilee Room at the House of Commons from 10 – 11.45am.  This would accommodate 40-50 people and allow TV cameras.


Andy Slaughter agreed to invite MPs from all parties.  He also reported that he was still pressing for a Commons debate.  He had reapplied after being refused first time round, this time with a broader spread of MPS nationally.  It was hoped that this could also happen during the week of action, possibly 14th February, although this was not something that could be guaranteed.


Anne Drinkell agreed to draft a letter to invite people to attend the joint press conference and co-ordinate speakers and representatives from the various groups. John Lister was suggested as a possible speaker.  She would also contact the major health unions and the BMA to see if they would be involved.


Jasmine Pilgrem agreed to investigate production of a banner of London area showing affected A&E’s with associated information such as waiting times that could be used as a back drop for press conference and beyond.


A press release being produced by Mark Honigsbaum.  He requested as much information as possible about activities during the week of action.  Press packs also to be produced for use on 11th Feb. These to include information about

·         All activities and protests planned during the week by different groups

·         General information regarding the judicial review

·         Arguments to refute reasons given for A&E closures

·         Information about the creep of privatisation and conflicts of interest etc.


Vivienne Lukey to ask James Doheny for a summary of the judicial review for use by Tamara Dragadze to approach the House of Lords, and for use at the Press conference.


3.       Plans for a major SOH event on 16th February were discussed.  The council has been approached regarding the use of Lyric Square as a gathering place for a rally and speakers.  It was agreed to continue to try to encourage the council to become involved and support the event.  Graham Hodgin favours a march as well as a rally and had anticipated protesters moving from Lyric Square to Charing Cross to form a symbolic ring around the hospital.  Graham agreed to liaise with the police regarding the event.   It was agreed it would be from 12.00 - 2pm. Astrid Wilson offered to help publicise the event through her church (St. Saviours on Askew Road) and UCU.   Joachim Stjern noted the importance of using social media to fully publicise the event.


4.       There was discussion of how the Judicial Review is progressing.  Andy slaughter reported that it now seemed to be in the hands of Ealing Council who were prepared to fund and use their in-house policy unit to deal with it.   He agreed to check with Julian Bell (Head of Ealing Council) that this was correct.  Tamara Dragadze would also ask LBH&F if they also intended to do a judicial review.  Vivienne Lukey to email Colin Stanfield to find out more information about the review, and a final date for Ealing’s demonstration plans whether it would be 9th or 16th Feb.


5.       It was agreed to hold a Public Meeting on 30th January at Rivercourt Church from 7-9.00pm. Graham Hodgin to be in charge of organising this.   It will be an open meeting and take the place of the next committee meeting.  Graham agreed to produce posters and flyers for distribution.  It was agreed that all available databases should be emailed and a phone round organised if telephone numbers available.


6.       Finance.  Money being collected from stalls should be forwarded to John Grigg or used by Graham to pay for church hire for meeting on January 30th.  £25 per hour.


7.       Anne Drinkell reported briefly on the Joint PCT meeting held on January 15th, which several committee members had attended. NW London Trust had been particularly criticised with 4 hour waiting times being breached. This failure could be useful as a point for the Press conference.   Understaffing was also raised as an issue for the London Ambulance service and the Care Quality commission.


8.       AOB.  Anabela Hardwick agreed to share details of any useful health writers with Mark Honigsbaum.  She also agreed to investigate further details of demonstration planned in Jeremy Hunt’s constituency.


9.       Next Meeting to be an open session at Rivercourt Church, King Street, London W6 from 7.00pm.





Save Hammersmith and Charing Cross Committee Meeting


7.00pm, purchase Wednesday 12th December 2012



Carlo Nero (Chair), Andy Slaughter, John Dawson, Joesphine Lundberg, James Doheny, Vivienne Lukey, Graham Hodgin, Sarah Cox, John Grigg, Anabela Hardwick, Jasmine Daines Pilgrem, Dr Tamara Dragadze, Dede Wilson.



Les Aldridge, Helen Aldridge, Desiree Cranenburgh, Annette Chambers, Jonathan Hextall, Alan Aitken.




1.  The minutes of the previous meeting were distributed and approved.


2.  Andy Slaughter reported on the meeting held on 6th December at Portculis House.  It had been called to bring together mainly London groups campaigning against A&E closures and their MPs to discuss the possibility of united action.  Approximately 80 people attended, representing 8 – 10 separate campaigns. The majority of groups were conducting similar activities with similar results.  There was a broad consensus that joint action would be welcomed. There was no agreement about whether it would be a Central London demonstration or individual local demonstrations on the same day.   9th and 16th February were suggested dates.  Some felt that it would be better later in 2013.


Vivienne Lukey offered to continue collecting responses from the attendees of the meeting on 6th December and to produce an interim report before Christmas.


Andy Slaughter noted the importance of finding a co-ordinating body that would undertake organisation and planning of the joint event.  ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ was suggested and it was agreed that representatives from SOH H&F would attend next meeting on 8th January in Kings Cross. John Grigg commented that Trade Unions were extremely good at organising demonstrations.


Dr Tamara Dragadze noted a preference for the NW London campaign to remain distinct from all the other campaigning groups feeling there was a danger it would not be viewed as a special case when the Health Secretary came to make his decision.  She noted that the seriously flawed consultation was unique to our campaign, providing a very strong case for judicial review, and this was not shared with the other groups.


Andy Slaughter reported that he had requested but been refused an all day debate in parliament despite 20 London MPs having agreed to be involved.  He will now garner support from more MPs nationwide and apply again for a special debate.


3.  Report on JCPCT meeting 6th December.


James Doheny reported that the SOH campaign did seem to be having an impact with different factions of the Joint Committee of Primary Care Trusts starting to display defensive divided behaviour at their meeting on 6th December.   The Joint Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee, and Cllr Lucy Ivimy in particular, had been very negative about the ‘Shaping a Healthier Future’ consultation and its proposals, raising specific concerns about


·         Hospital services being reduced before alternative care options were properly in place

·         The lack of evidence regarding prospective journey times for non-blue light patients

·         How the consultation had been presented


Unfortunately, the final report produced by the JHOSC had been watered down and did not reflect these strongly voiced concerns.


James also noted that important issues to focus on were

·         Transport evidence; its reliance on TFL and the financial consequences thereof.

·         Out of hospital care; noone knows what ‘success’ will look like making it impossible to carry out proper risk assessments.

·         The CCG commissioning plans for 2013/14; these have not been scrutinised by the Health & Wellbeing scrutiny committee.  What will the ‘Critical Path’ be and what governance will be in place to scrutinise that path in future?


In order to qualify for Legal Aid for a Judicial Review, James pointed out that we need to find a resident in the borough in a grave situation, on benefits, whose life will be profoundly affected by the “reconfigurations” to the point of being life-threatening.


Dr. Tamara Dragadze asked for a summary of the judicial review evidence and a scan of the C&W postcard/petitions to gain support in the House of Lords from peers opposing the consultation process who might then be of assistance in any Judicial Review.



4.  AOB


Carlo Nero raised the importance of working more closely with the Council.  Dr Tamara Dragadze and James Doheny agreed to help to strengthen the links and co-operation between SOH and the Council.


Anabela Hardwick (Kensington & Chelsea Residents) reported on an upcoming demonstration in Jeremy Hunt’s constituency.  Details to be confirmed at a later date.  She also reported on an exchange of messages of support between K&C Residents, SOH and the campaign to stop A&E closure at the Paris Hotel Dieu Hospital in Paris.


Vivienne Lukey reported that the Casualty Convoy had been a success and was likely to be repeated.




John Grigg distributed an updated financial report showing the campaign to be currently solvent.


Josephine Lundberg reported that the badges and T-shirts were now available and were much praised.  It was decided to sell the badges and car stickers for £1 each, and the T-shirts for up to £10.00 depending on the venue.




6.  The next meeting will be on 9TH JANUARY 2013 at the IRISH CENTRE.






Save Hammersmith and Charing Cross Committee Meeting

6.30pm, th November 2012-11-13



Carlo Nero, Jasmine Pilgrem, Dede Wilson, Helen Aldridge, James Doheny, Vivienne Lukey, Pat Boyle, Josephine Lundberg, Annette Chambers, Desiree Cranenburgh, Graham Hodgin, John Grigg, Anabela Hardwick and Alan Aitken.


1) Apologies

Andy Slaughter MP, Dr Tamara Dragadze, Les Aldridge, John Dawson, Debbie Golt, Jonathan Hextall.


2) Minutes of Previous Meeting, 10th October

·         The minutes of the previous meeting were distributed. It was suggested that Debbie Golt be added to the apologies section. The minutes, with the indicated change, were agreed upon.


3) Report on Regular Activity

·         It was agreed that the stalls should continue at Charing Cross Hospital and at Lyric Square.


·         Jasmine promoted the idea of a renewed emphasis on Hammersmith Hospital, which many felt had been overlooked during the campaign. It was suggested that a stall be held outside the hospital on an upcoming Tuesday. Vivienne and Helen agreed to organise the stall.


·         There was a general opinion that the website should be updated more regularly, that the e-news should be released more often and that there should be a greater emphasis placed on volunteer recruitment on the website. Alan agreed to work with John Dawson on updating the website more regularly.


·         Dede distributed the sample letters that she had been handing out at stalls. She reported that a number of people had written in as a result of these and were currently awaiting a reply.


·         Vivienne proposed the idea of a candlelit vigil at the hospital. It was agreed that this was a good idea but that it should be pursued after the Christmas Break.


·         There was a discussion about the best way to lobby GPs. Jasmine forwarded the idea of holding stalls outside GPs surgeries to put pressure on them. It was also suggested that we push forward with a survey of all GPs in the area. Carlo suggested contacting Dr Wingfield to ask his opinion on which was the best option to take forward.



4) Festival of Dissent

·         Anabela gave a short report on the upcoming Festival of Dissent activities.


·         She made reference to the mentions that the Festival has received in outlets such as The Morning Star, Time Out and the interest shown from the Evening Standard.


·         Anabela outlined the schedule for the Festival of Dissent. The first event was due to take place on Saturday (10th) with a walk round Brompton Cemetery and wreath laying at the tomb of Charing Cross Hospital’s founder. This was to be followed by two more events. On 17th and 24th, there are two concert and comedy nights - at O'Neills in Earl's Court Road on 17th and at the Distillers on Fulham Palace Road on the 24th. Both start at 7.30 and will feature local bands and comedians.


·         Graham used this opportunity to make the committee aware of another upcoming event, “The Fight Against Austerity” Conference and also suggested that we contact the Real News organisation to publicise the Festival of Dissent events. Carlo agreed to make contact.


5) Casualty Convoy

·         Vivienne introduced the Casualty Convoy event due to take place on the 8th December at 11am. Volunteers from the Hammersmith and Charing Cross campaign and the Ealing campaign were encouraged to bring a car along to this event to be decorated in posters and flyers. The convoy would then travel on a route taking in all of the threatened hospitals.

·         The final route of the convoy was still to be firmed up at this stage and the police had been notified of the plans.


6) Judicial Review

·         James updated the committee on the progress of his work into the Judicial Review. James explained the preliminary work that he and Colin had been working on and suggested that they were a couple of weeks away from submitting their research to Leigh Day Solicitors.


·         At this juncture, Leigh Day would review the evidence and decide if this was a case that they wanted to take on. James pointed out that the major obstacle to progress was funding, as a judicial review can be a long and expensive process.


7) Petition

·         The committee was informed that at least another few thousand signatures had been collected from the Hammersmith and Charing Cross Campaign.


·         Alan and Vivienne explained the procedure for the upcoming petition hand-in at Downing Street. This would take place on the 20th November at noon. There would be an allocation of a maximum of 6 non-parliamentary pass holders allowed to attend this event. It was agreed that this be split between the campaigns.


·         The hand-in would be accompanied by a demonstration on Whitehall, on the road opposite to the Downing Street Gates. John Dawson was in the process of finalising these arrangements.


·         It was agreed that we would continue with the petition after this hand in date.


8) Fundraising and Merchandise

·         Our committee treasurer, John Grigg, distributed an updated finance report and gave a brief overview of our current financial situation.


·         It was widely suggested that we use some of the money gathered to buy t-shirts, badges, stickers for cars and other campaign items. Josephine volunteered to assist John Dawson with this process.


9)  Postcard Campaign

·         The committee was informed about the postcards given by the GMB, which are to be sent to Jeremy Hunt. We agreed to use these postcards at all stalls and events we run. Alan informed the committee that a few hundred postcards had already been signed.


10) Liaison with Other Campaigns

·         5th December social – The Ealing campaign is running a social event on the 5th December and would like to make it a joint venture. This social is mainly aimed at those who have taken an active role in the campaign. More details are to follow.


·         Ealing event in the New Year – Vivienne informed the group of the Ealing campaign’s plan to hold a major event in February (weekend of the 9th and 10th). It was suggested that this might be another march.


·         Our Event – It was suggested that we hold a major event to coincide with this. Carlo promoted the idea of a national march/event which brought together save our hospital campaigns from across the country. It was also suggested that we talk to Ealing about working together, rather than pursuing individual events. Carlo, Graham and Dede volunteered to take part in a committee that would aim to further these ideas.



11) AOB


Meeting Ends 9.05pm

Alan Aitken




Save Hammersmith and Charing Cross Hospitals Committee Meeting

6.30pm Wednesday 10th October, Irish Cultural Centre



Carlo Nero (Chair), Andy Slaughter MP, John Dawson, Josephine Lundberg, Jasmine Pilgrem, Anabela Hardwick, Mark Honigsbaum, Dede Wilson, John Grigg, Graham Hodgin, Helen Aldridge, Les Aldridge, James Doheny, Jonathan Hextall, Norman Moss, Tamara Dragadze, Colin Standsfield, Alex Pigget, Kirstin Edson, Alan Aitken and Matthew Bantock.


Welcome From the Chair

Carlo distributed the agenda for the meeting and thanked everyone involved for their hard work making the previous Saturday’s march and rally a success.


1) Apologies

·         Vivienne Lukey, Desiree Cranenburgh, Annette Chambers, Hitesh Taylor, Pat Boyle


2) Minutes of Last Meeting


·         The minutes of the previous meeting were distributed to all members of the committee.


3) Review of Campaign so far and discussion of future activity

·         It was generally agreed that we required more organisation across our network of volunteers and that we needed to find more people to supplement the group that are currently active.


3.1)  Petitions

·         The petitions were handed in on Monday 9th October to the Headquarters of NHS NW London. Our total was just over 20,000 signatures when online and offline were collated. When combined with the other campaigns the total was almost 70,000.

·         It was agreed that we would continue our current petition and keep going with the street stalls at Lyric Square, Charing Cross Hospital and other locations. It was also agreed that Vivienne Lukey would take the lead on co-ordinating the continuation of the ground campaign.

·         It was also suggested that collection of signatures at school gates and distribution to council estates should be focussed on.

·         Jasmine suggested the idea of having a counter in Lyric Square showing a running total of the petitions collected. It was put forward that we contact the council about the idea.


3.2) Meetings

·         It was put forward that meetings should be held more regularly.

·         It was agreed that there should be monthly meetings held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and that these should continue to be held at the Irish Cultural Centre.

·         It was suggested that we use money from the campaign to pay for the cost of paying for the room.


3.3) March

·         It was agreed that the march was a success, with an estimated 400/500 people marching at any one time and other joining in at various points in the route and at the rally. Carlo noted that the local support for the campaign was evident throughout the march.

·         It was proposed that “Thank You” letters be written to the Police, the GMB and to the council. Carlo volunteered to be the one who writes to the council.


3.4) Day of Action – 20th October

·         It agreed that we would take up the GMB’s invitation to join in the NHS section of the march in central London on Saturday 20th October

·         It was proposed that we join together with the Ealing and Brent campaigns to form a “Save Our Hospitals” grouping and to co-ordinate t-shirts and bring our banners to stand out.

·         A meeting time of 10.30 at Hammersmith Broadway for those who want to travel from West London with a final meeting time starting at 11am at the Embankment.


3.5) Downing Street Hand in of Petition

·         Andy suggested a date in November for the hand-in of the petition to Downing Street and suggested organising a small demonstration opposite to maximise publicity stemming from the event. A Monday was out forward as the best day with regards to the availability of MPs.


3.6) Parliamentary petition

·         Andy put forward the suggestion of West London MPs arranging the presentation of the petitions in Parliament. A time and date for this would be discussed.



·         A new leaflet for the campaign was discussed.

·         It was suggested that the best option was a re-print of the current poster with the same design on the front but with the text altered to include all of the at-risk hospitals.

·         The text on the back of the petition would be redrafted. Mark Honigsbaum was put forward to lead the re-drafting of the text.


4.1)  Campaigning Report – Alan

·         Alan stated the importance of recruiting new volunteers. He repeated earlier comments that it is the same people doing the majority of the work on the ground and that more people are needed to achieve our aims.

·         It was decided that we would renew the focus our e-news bulletins and our street stalls to attract possible volunteers.


4.2)  Website

·         John Dawson informed us that Michael O’Sullivan would continue his work on the website and that there would be a push to get more information on the site on a regular basis.

·         John will set up an email account to which all stories or articles from committee members or others can be sent to and they will be uploaded soon after.

·         Mark urged more volunteers to put up videos on our YouTube account and to attempt to get more personal accounts from patients/staff of the hospital.



5.1) Treasurer’s Report – John Grigg

·         John Grigg told the committee that the account was up and running and that our account currently stands at £1800 pounds.

·         This included £600 in cheque donations and £600 raised from the sponsored run.


5.2)  Fundraising and Sponsorship

·         Josephine put forward the idea of writing to big businesses in the area in the attempt to generate more funds for the campaign. She agreed to draft a letter to this effect.

·         Carlo, Andy, John Grigg and the others who took part in the sponsored 10k were thanked for their effort and the money they raised for the campaign.


6) Liaisons with Other Groups 

6.1)  GPs/clinicians/health workers/TUs

·         It was put forward by John and Matthew that a short survey be sent round to all GPs in the affected areas to build to measure responses and to gauge the proportion of those who are for and against the proposals.

6.2) LBHF

·         Carlo informed us that he would continue to communicate with the council and noted that they had released an e-newsletter to publicise the march.


6.3)  Other Campaigns

·         Ealing and Brent – It was agreed that we will continue to work with Ealing and Brent to co-ordinate the campaigns. Carlo thanked Colin for representing Ealing at the meeting.

·         K+C – Update from Anabela about developments in Kensington and Chelsea. Anabela informed us that they had been successful in lobbying to get three questions submitted to Boris Johnson for Mayor’s Question Time. She also informed us of the festival of dissent that had been organised and encouraged us to get involved.


7) Judicial

·         Carlo suggests creation of Judicial Review Sub-Committee.

·         A brief overview of the Judicial Review is given and James and Colin update the group on the work they have already done.

·         Andy suggested Leigh Day solicitors as a possible option to further assist with the review.


Meeting Ends 9.15

Andy Slaughter MP, Secretary, Save Hammersmith & Charing Cross Hospitals Campaign