"The problem is funding" Sir Richard Sykes, Chairman of Imperial NHS Trust before AGM 14-09-2016

Just before the AGM of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust on Wednesday 14th September 2016 SOH protesters cornered Sir Richard Sykes and got him to admit on camera that his Trust (along with all other hospital trusts) was underfunded, that there were no "efficiency" savings to be made, that doctors and other medical staff were working incredibly hard - 18 hour days! - and very efficiently and "we're killing them!", and that he was under pressure to raise money by selling off land because he had to build new hospital buildings using only money which the Trust itself could raise. He agreed that "there isn't the capacity" to close the A&E and the acute services at Charing Cross.

This video footage was forwarded to BBC News who used it in the next day's evening bulletin.