NHS England announces consultation on ACO contracts - 25th Jan 2018

In a very surprising "about turn" NHS England announced on their website yesterday that they will be launching a consultation on the contracting arrangements for Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs). The consultation is scheduled to last 12 weeks. We are not told when it will start. The missing information raises suspicions that the whole exercise is merely "window-dressing".

The announcement does not raise any hopes that the public will learn more specific or legally binding details of what ACOs will be, nor that the public will have any influence on the decision, which NHSE has already taken, to introduce this type of organisation.

You have to wonder what Public Relations outcome this exercise is really fulfilling?  The public's trust in Jeremy Hunt extends only as far as a grudging admiration for the number of spinning plates which he keeps in the air at one time.

For an informed criticism please visit the website of 999CallfortheNHS who are, as we have advertised elsewhere on this website, taking Jeremy Hunt and NHSE to court.