999CallfortheNHS Judicial Review "Comprehensive Healthcare for All" on 24th April at Leeds High Court

The great day in Court is coming very soon!  On 24th April starting at 10am the High Court in Leeds will hear the arguments for comprehensive healthcare for all and against Accountable (now rebranded "Integrated") Care Organisations.

See:   https://you.38degrees.org.uk/events/justice4nhs-rally-24th-april-2018

Supporters are welcome in person for a dignified rally outside between 9am and 9.50am at:

Leeds High Court, 1 Oxford Row LS1 3BG
1 Oxford Row LS1 3BG
Leeds, LS1 3BG
Messages of support are also very welcome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Strong messages - legal and polite - should be compassionate and encouraging.
For an overview of the issues at stake in this Judicial Review see their review dated 18th April:
"Our case is based on our deep concern that the Accountable Care Organisation contract is not only unlawful under current NHS legislation -  but would lead to restrictions and denial of NHS care, and the abandonment of the core NHS principle of providing comprehensive care to all who have a clinical need for it, free at the point of use.

It would replace this with health insurance company principles, based on assessments of financial risk and returns.  

Unlike the present system, which pays NHS providers an agreed price for the treatments they deliver to patients, the Accountable Care Organisation contract requires NHS commissioners to pay a fixed lump sum to cover the whole range of services for the population in a given area. This passes financial risk to the providers, and from providers to patients.

Because if providers were to get more patients needing more complex treatments than the fixed lump sum would cover, the pressure would be on to restrict or deny patients’ access to treatments. Particularly patients whose treatments are more costly and whose prognosis means their treatment is not such good value for money.

This would lead to a two tier health service where those who can pay go private and the rest are left with a bargain basement, limited NHS.

If NHS England wants to change price setting and payment methods for the provision of NHS services, it should do it in accordance with the law. If that means changing the law, that is something for Parliament - and the public that puts MPs there - to decide.

Nothing good happens when government and its quangos decide they are above the law"