What we really think. NHS Staff discuss #OurNHS70 (published 15th June 2018)


National Health Singers - "Yours" - with new introduction by actor Michael Sheen for the NHS 70th anniversary  (published 4th June 2018)

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HoC Health Select Committee: witnesses give evidence on STPs and ACOs - 27th Feb 2018

There are three groups of experts: (1) Academics and campaigners - Professor Allyson Pollock, Dr Tony O'Sullivan, Dr Graham Winyard, Dr Colin Hutchinson (2) Professional groups: Dr Chaand Nagpaul, Chair of BMA, Lara Carmona, Royal College of Nursing and Helga Pile, UNISON  (3) Third Sector: Imelda Redmond, Healthwatch England, Dr Charlotte Augst, The Richmond Group, Don Redding, National Voices and Kate Duxbury, Ipsos MORI (2 opinion poll companies) 




Himmelstein and Woolhandler on ACO's FullRes - 9th Dec 2017

Drs Himmelstein and Woolhandler are academic doctors and professors of health policy at Harvard Medical School. They advise Britain and the NHS not to adopt ACOs as these will make health services (1) more expensive and (2) less equitable.


Unfucknbelievable Theresa May's Tories force nurses to work 37hrs a week for FREE and £47,712 debt - 6th Aug 2017


The NHS is underfunded - VOTE FOR THE NHS ON THE 8th OF JUN - BBC London News 3rd June 2017


Jonathan Ashworth, Shadow Health Secretary, supports the Charing Cross Hospital campaign - published 31st May 2017



From the foundation of 999Call for the NHS in 2014 to the call for the General Election on 8th June 2017


Theresa May fully supports the Naylor report - Chris Holden digs into the report - published 24th May 2017

“None of this stuff is hidden away. It’s all there; it’s just so mind-numbingly dull, no one wants to read it,” says Mr Holden in the clip. “This document is basically an outline plan for essentially selling off the NHS's assets.”

The video blog highlights recommendations that hospitals be incentivised to sell their property by receiving extra government funding, which would be restricted if they choose not to – described as a “fire sale” of NHS land.

Activists have called the report “a clarion call for private investors” and claim it is driven by profit rather than a desire to improve care for patients.

Deborah Harrington, of the National Health Action Party, set up to combat NHS privatisation, says some of the buildings labelled as “surplus” were in fact forced to close through cuts and staff shortages.

“You have the premises on which to do it, but you don’t have the staff or the money to run the service; that then becomes surplus to requirements." “We own this, it’s ours. It’s been handed down through the generations since 1948. We all contribute to this society that provides these things, and we’re being told now they’re unaffordable unless we cannibalise them, constantly reducing our property and ownership.”


The truth about the NHS in 2017 - published 18th May 2017

A GP's view from the NHS front line.  We can't go on like this.



Cheeky Hunt!   published 3rd May 2017


UK: Thousands march in London against government planned NHS cutbacks - published 4th March 2017


Don't Slash, Trash and Privatise our NHS- published on 24th November 2016


Your NHS is being privatised - published on 15 November 2016

Sustainability and Transformation Plans are the governments latest weapon in implementing cuts and privatisation to our National Health Service.
For a detailed explanation of what they entail, look here:  and here:
For the Facebook event for the National Demonstration "It's Our NHS" look here:
Don't let Jeremy Hunt, Simon Stevens and Theresa May give our healthcare to private companies. Join the demo, join the fightback!


Sir Richard Sykes, Chair of Imperial NHS T, comments on dreadful NHS underfunding / understaffing- published on 15th Sept 2016




The full film tells the alarming story from inside the NHS. With many NHS insiders as witnesses, telling the story of how the health service as we know it is being quietly abolished. Almost without our noticing, it’s been replaced by a system modelled on the US in which care is delivered by profit-maximising companies that charge patients for treatment; treatment which will anyway be restricted and reduced - see

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Jeremy Hunt drops a clanger - published 19th May 2016

On the 9th of May 2016, Jeremy Hunt was being quizzed by the Health Select Committee, and he revealed rather more than he meant to.


The National Health Singers song: "Yours" - published 10th Feb 2016

Please sing! and sing! and sing!


Taxi driver: The NHS is magic - don't let the Govt destroy it!! published 10th May 2014


Privatisation of the NHS: Prof Allyson Pollock at TEDxExeter - published 29th April 2014


Andy Slaughter fighting for our hospitals and A&Es in West London

Calling Charing Cross Hospital to make an appointment May 2014


Save our Hospitals - published 5th October 2012


Rosemary Budd W London - published 8th October 2012


Save our Hospitals March Short Version - published 12th October 2012


Save Our Hospitals march full version - published 12th October 2012


How Health Insurance Companies Make Money- published 8th August 2009

Dr Linda Peeno confessing to denying payments




Linda Peeno, MD- SiCKO: "What Has Happened to Health Care?"  - in the USA - published 13th June 2007

Linda Peeno, MD, former medical reviewer for Humana, speaks at an informational briefing about the film by Michael Moore called "Sicko" on the American healthcare model